Maintenance and Care Guide

Fugen Quartz Surfaces require minimal effort to keep clean and looking like new if treated properly. For general cleaning we recommend hot soapy water, followed by rinsing off with hot water and finally dried off with a cloth.

Non- Polished finishes do require extra general maintenance as they are more sensitive to things such as grease and finger marks.

We recommend cleaning a worksurface when it has been used with products touching the surface that if left for an extended/ short period of time could affect the surface, this could be food or drink. For more stubborn marks or marks that have been on the surface for longer than an hour we recommend using a mild cleaner and a non abrasive sponge/pad such as; bar keepers friend, the pink stuff cream or paste. If unsure please feel free to contact the Fugen office to ask for an approved general cleaner.

Any strong acidic/ alkali products/solvents or highly abrasive cleaning products (E.G. Oven cleaner/ can cause severe damage to your worktops, rinse off immediately with warm water to minimise damage.

Although Fugen Quartz surfaces are heat resistant we DO NOT Recommend placing hot objects directly on to a work surface as thermal shock could cause damages to your worktops, most commonly showing in the form of a crack . We recommend either using a chopping board to place any hot objects on or a trivet.

Fugen Quartz Surfaces are scratch resistant, however, we do not recommend cutting straight on to the surface or purposely applying downward force from any metal based object on to the worktop itself (E.G. Throwing keys on to the worktop or using screwdrivers) metal objects can leave metal marks on the surface which if applied with enough pressure will leave a permanent mark on the surface.

Feel free to contact the office on 0114 349 1177 if you have any questions concerning the above.