15-year warranty Terms & Conditions

Fugen UK Ltd offers a 15 year warranty to its customers warranting Fugen Quartz products will be free of any defects. The warranty commits Fugen UK Ltd to supply the replacement material only, or repair any defective product for a period of 15 years under the terms and conditions herein, with the same characteristics, (colour, thickness, etc) at the same price point, as those of the product purchased by the customer.

The warranty is only applicable to defects affecting Fugen Quartz composite materials that have been installed internally in a private residence and maintained in accordance with the Recommended Maintenance & Care Guide. Please retain your proof of purchase. The customer must submit the original invoice or sales receipt, stating the purchase date and name of the fabricator.

The warranty is not transferable and is only given to the consumer/s named on the original invoice following its sale from Fugen UK to the fabricator, unless the property is a new build in which the warranty covers the individuals who purchase the property from the new build supplier.

Warranty Cover Exemptions

1. General wear and tear or damage caused by improper use or failure to care for the material in accordance with the Recommended Maintenance & Care Guide (Available on request).

This includes exposure to: • Excessive heat. • Excessive ultraviolet light. • Excessive force. • Abrasive or corrosive substances.

2. Edge or surface damage such as chips, scratches or cracks due to wear and tear or negligence, unless caused by a defect in the product. A chip or a scratch is not a defect if it is caused by external force, unless Fugen UK Ltd considers the force to be negligible. A crack is not a defect if it (amongst other things): • Is caused by excessive weight being applied to the surface such as someone standing, sitting or leaning on the material. For example, leaning on a hob or sink cut out to clean a window behind the cut out. • Is caused by thermal shock such as placing a hot saucepan, iron or any other hot object on the material. • Is caused by the supports used under the material moving or shifting. • Emanates from a cut out section of the material, such as a cut out area for a sink or hotplate. Cracks of this type are caused by the cut out, they are not a defect in the material.

3. Known or visible manufacturing defects at the time of installation, including but not limited to, difference in colour, tone or pattern.

4. The installation of the material or any accessories used with the material. This includes: • The bending or curving of the material as part of the installation. • The milling of the product, including grooves or drainage channels. • The use of adhesives, caulking materials, or mechanical fasteners upon the material. • The performance or appearance of a joint. • Laminations applied to the material. • Improper installation by a person who is not professionally qualified to install the material, or who is not licensed to perform the installation work under the law applicable to the place of the installation.

5. Use for anything other than an internal work surface in a private residence. This includes: • Use as flooring or walls. • Commercial use. • Outdoor installations including exposure to the elements and excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation, physical or chemical misuse. • Use in or around swimming pools, spas, or any other place with exposure to chlorinated water. • Used adjacent to any type of fireplace.

6. The warranty does not apply to any materials that have not been paid for in their entirety, this includes both Fugen UK Ltd and the fabricator/ stone mason who purchased the material from Fugen UK Ltd.

Please Note:

This is the only warranty provided by Fugen UK Ltd for its quartz material. Only Fugen UK Ltd is authorised to make any warranty commitment in relation to Fugen quartz Composite material. Assistance will only be given when contact is made within the warranty period. The customer must provide an appropriate and adequate time for Fugen UK Ltd personnel to access the home for inspection purposes and permit them to take photographic evidence.

The warranty only applies to Fugen quartz composite materials sold in slab format. Because slabs are manufactured from natural materials, each slab is unique and will therefore contain variations in colour and the distribution and appearance of quartz. These variations are naturally occurring characteristics of the material. The appearance of each slab will also vary depending upon lighting conditions, placement and viewing angle. The slabs are manufactured to a thickness tolerance of +/- 1.5mm, with bowing of not more than 3mm over the length or width of the product when properly installed and supported.

The warranty is limited to the repair, replacement or refunding of the material. Fugen UK Ltd reserves the right to replace defective material with other similar materials in the event that the product protected under this warranty has been discontinued. If the material is replaced, the warranty does not cover costs incurred and relating to installation, milling, joining, fitting, bending or laminating the material. The warranty does not cover any other losses arising out of a defect in the material. Fugen UK Ltd shall not be liable for the transportation cost of replacement material to the customer’s home.

Fugen UK Ltd shall not be liable for personal injury or harm caused in whole or in part by fortuitous events, architectural or engineering designs, and structural movements, acts of vandalism, accidents or force majeure.