White Quartz Worktops for your Kitchen

Luxury never gets old, unlike typical decor ideas that do not include White Quartz to add a Natural Appeal. Quartz worktops white objects can do more than add aesthetic value to a home by fulfilling a fundamental purpose, i.e., function.

Designing or modifying any interior area fails when the design cannot add functionality. In this aspect, the white quartz can be remarkably rewarding in multiple ways.

What is White Quartz & Why Use White Quartz Worktop?

White quartz is essentially man-made and not a naturally obtained material. Its typical composition includes over 90% Quartz Crystals, with the 10% being a combination of minerals, resin, and pigment. Such properties of white quartz worktops make them highly durable and well suited for various applications inside a home.

But, have you ever guessed why use White Quartz in homes beyond adding functionality & design? Let’s see.

What Are the White Quartz Worktop Benefits?

    Quartz worktops white surfaces offer the following advantages over using other materials like marble, granite, and grey worktops beyond adding a visually pleasing functionality:

  • Every White Quartz is Unique.
  • Incredible Impact Resistance.
  • High Tolerance for Heat Resistance
  • Non-Porous & Stain Resistant.
  • Non Malleable but Craftable.
  • Easily to Maintain.

How to Check Authenticity of White Quartz Worktops?

While most sellers promise to provide you with White Quartz at serious discounts, here’s how you can check their quality and truth. The tips below can help you discern what to know before buying White Quartz.

  • Original White Quartz slabs should not have spots or smudges and holes on their surface.
  • Check for signs of shade differences at different areas of the White Quartz slab.
  • Look out for inconsistencies in thickness, tainted or weak resin coats on the surface.
  • Don’t get White quartz having more resin and less quartz composition over the 10:90 ratio.
  • Try scratching the surface of White Quartz. If you succeed, it may be a laminate countertop.
  • Try staining the White Quartz by leaving coffee or vinegar spills for 15-20 minutes before cleaning. If stains prevail, it’s not authentic.

White Quartz Worktops by Fugenstone & Decor Ideas

Fugenstone is a leading White Quartz Worktops provider in the global market. We are known for our quality surfaces that are highly durable and available in different sizes suitable for your decor requirements.

"Our white quartz worktops are readily in demand throughout the year, which includes high volume sales of these white quartz surfaces"

1. Quartz Carrara

The White Quartz Worktop options found in our Quartz Carrara finish collection can amplify your living environment's appeal without disturbing its aesthetical flow.

  • Carrara Jumbo
  • Carrara Pulido
  • Carrara Super Jumbo
  • Each of these surfaces can become your multi-purpose kitchen countertop and enrich its aura when you also place wooden legs beneath it. The unique Carrara Quartz White texture remains smooth through and through, even if you cut vegetables on it or drop a barbell on it.

    2. Arabesque White Worktops

    Those of you who may be looking for varieties in quartz worktops white options can obtain our Arabesque Fugenstone quartz. They can become the perfect flooring solution or wall backdrop for your below-the-kitchen cabinets or your sink tops in the bathroom.

    You can also have them as your kitchen island countertops when the room's tone contains shades of Taupes, Browns, Greys, or neutral colors.

    3. White Mirror

    A minimalist home is incomplete without the use of White Quartz surfaces. The distinct abstract gradient under the polished surface of Fugenstone White Mirror Quartz can double the visual reward of any wooden flooring available in both light or darker shades.

    Such quartz can also make up to be a perfect option to spice your all-white kitchen when you use it as your extended bar cabinet countertop or a beautiful-looking kitchen storage solution.

    4. Calacatta Quartz

    Please look again for the millions of heartwarming, bright White Quartz Worktop you may have mistaken for marble. Our Calacatta Quartz carries splendid grey-black veins and waves in ashen or classic patterns and designs.

    Such texture serves to make our Calacatta Oro, Superior Calacatta, and Calacatta Royal Quartz look nothing short of exquisitely perfect and asymmetric abstract pieces of art. These are perfect for creating everything from hexagon cabinets, bar cabinets, kitchen islands to wall backdrops or flooring solutions.

    5. White Galaxy

    People who like their place as a sanctuary of peace and comfort can install our white quartz sparkle worktop available as White Galaxy Quartz. Their speckled patterns make them a sophisticated long-term commitment to making your home alluring and serene without loud efforts.

    Use it to build kitchen 2-sink countertops or create mesmerizing kitchen island worktops and cabinets that complement chrome kitchen items and glassware. With any dark wooden furniture around it, you can conveniently refract maximum light to it reflected off its surface.

    6. Super White Quartz

    Why settle for anything less than a milky Super White Quartz Worktop that is whiter than the cream and still marvelously non-hostile to eyes under direct lights. Let the best of the early sunshine glam up your rooms and kitchen for many wonderful mornings with our quartz.

    It is the perfect material for special custom countertops and kitchen tops. It can also help you flip houses after renovating them with this modern and tranquil Quartz option without raising your budgets alarmingly high.

    7. White Shimmer Quartz

    Our white quartz sparkle worktop is the perfect choice for making storage solutions and other lovely backdrops. Get it to acquire a distinct shimmering white color and wonderful radiance.

    It can very well also suit gardens or natural spaces, by how well it enhances the different color tones seen in nature.

    Use it to make custom-shaped home decor items and others like:

      • Wall Backdrops
      • Kitchen Worktops
      • 2-Sink Kitchentops
      • L-Shape Countertops
      • Kitchen Islands
      • Hexagon Countertops
      • Narrow Countertops
      • Sink Tops & Bathroom Decor
      • Bar Cabinets
      • Custom Countertops
      • Kitchen Cabinets & Storage
      • White Quartz Flooring

How is White Quartz Better than Grey Quartz?

The advantages of using White Quartz over Grey or Black options are plenty for several logical reasons. Beyond providing a roomy appearance wherever White Quartz is installed, it also helps add a signature lavish shine. It nicely complements Crystal Knobs, Brushed Bronze Cabinet Pulls, etc.

Additionally, the variety of smoky or bold veins in irregularity on the white quartz surfaces help to make the room have a vogue presence of harmony and balance. One cannot create such a perfect setting by using grey or black quartz. Because they might contain less quartz and more minerals, making them marginally less durable.

  • White quartz compliments all vivid and neutral colors as well as darker tones.
  • Increase the charm of the installed furniture, backdrops, and objects placed near it.
  • Perfectly suitable for use in product launch events as a backdrop for ceremonies.
  • Best choice for adorning the walls or floorings of art galleries to add a subtle boho vibe.
  • Magnifies the room's focal point, offering a polished and luxurious texture.

How to Maintain Quartz Worktops White Color?

Fugenstone White Quartz Worktop and slabs are available in different varieties to complement your rooms' desirable feel and composition.

Maintaining them is pretty straightforward, but here’s how you can keep them squeaky clean to retain their shine and glimmer for years to come.

  • Avoid using spray cleaners that use strong bleach compounds.
  • Clean with a paste prepared from Baking Soda + Water to instantly restore the shine.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners and instead, use Rubbing Alcohol for deep cleaning.
  • Refrain from directly placing hot objects on the white quartz. It’s not heatproof, only heat resistant.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the Tips for Buying White Quartz?

    Get White Quartz large slabs without seams,Look for any differences in the evenness of the slab thickness,Bring a sample home and see it in your home lighting conditions

  • Can White Quartz Stain Easily?

    Fugenstone white quartz sparkle worktop is highly stain-resistant and is easy to clean with a regular towel. The sealed non-porous surface deters staining from spills caused by coffee, wine, vinegar, etc.

  • How to Protect White Quartz Worktop?

    Fugenstone Quartz worktops white slabs are made by combining minerals and highly durable quartz crystals with a resin sealant. They offer great impact resistance, stain resistance, and heat resistance, making them super easy to protect or maintain compared to marble or granite worktops.

  • What is the cost of White Quartz Worktops?

    Usually, white quartz worktops can cost between $100 to $400 per sq ft or higher. But, these prices don’t include installation costs which can set you back up to $80-$200 per sq ft or greater for bigger countertops.