What led you into design?

At Fugenstone, your search for environmentally friendly interior solutions ends with the introduction of our first sustainable Quartz-made worktops.

Our socio-globally responsible process of making top-quality Quartz-made worktops enables us to provide a more durable product to our customers.

In such a way, Fugenstone Quartz-made worktops also contribute towards reducing the global carbon footprint and greenhouse effects.

Sustainable Fugenstone Quartz-made Worktops

Being one of the largest global suppliers of top-quality kitchen worktops, our efforts of building sustainable living options benefits posterity. Thus, we're proud to offer you our first heat-resilient yet sustainable Quartz manufactured worktops.

Their unique & intelligent composition helps reduce the negative emission impacts by 35% without diminishing the aesthetics of better living standards.

Built Tough - Sustainable Heat & Impact Resistance

Manufacturing a sustainable product without reducing its scratch-resistant reliability was challenging until we examined our core requirements.

Because numerous kitchen activities are daily dependent on the durability of the worktops, finding the accurate composition was of utmost importance. In our discovery, we established a hybrid manufacturing process that retains the toughness of the worktop.

“Notably, the use of crystalline silica was reduced up to 25%, which reduces its demand, therefore protecting its manufacturing workforce from being exposed to health risks.”

Flourishing Responsibly - Low Maintenance High Stain Resistance

One of the earliest challenges in employing environmentally responsible manufacturing techniques concerns the efficient use of industrial byproducts. While we implemented the use of solid materials, utilizing liquids was equally necessary to make a truly sustainable quartz worktop.

"We accomplished it by recycling the water and saving the natural ecosystem from suffering the effects of unclean water supply."

Rewarding The Environment

The addition of recycled water to our manufacturing process led us to create pollution-free waterways for the prevailing organisms on our planet.

"We managed to utilize over 98% recycled water with unique yet safe consequences."

Efficiently Clean - Finely Smooth Customizable Shapes

Energy usage is one of the leading factors behind greenhouse emissions, so scaling it down was integral for creating our sustainable artificial quartz worktops. We did it by establishing renewable energy sources, which delivered performance while reducing the overall carbon footprint. Such practices allowed the creation of durable but easy-to-shape Quartz worktops that can be molded into any size or dimension.

Beautifully Vivid Color Options

Our sustainable worktops are now available in diverse tones with one-of-a-kind unique texture on them, boasting an impressive color range. Still, their natural appearance is unlost, but also they're more attractive beyond the surface.

Fugenstone Sustainable Quartz-made Worktops Benefits

Despite using a completely sustainable approach to creating our Fugenstone Quartz artificial worktops, their core properties still guarantee these benefits:

  • Obtain a standard long-term manufacture warranty of up to two decades.
  • High resistance against stains and most industrial liquid compounds, including acids.
  • Near impossible to scratch or dent with superior resilience against impact.
  • Offers a clean surface at Minimal Maintenance - simply wipe with a soapy washcloth.
  • Suitable for heated environments due to a higher capacity of heat resistance.
  • Easy to remodel into unique shapes, including semi-circular cabinets, sinks, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to install a Quartz Kitchen Worktop?

    The overall process of fitting a Quartz Kitchen Worktop depends on your Kitchen's size and the worktop area. Most cases require anywhere between five to eight hours, but it can also take between one or two days.

    To better understand the accurate duration, you can speak with our representatives. They will familiarize you with various quartz kitchen worktop templates, based on which you can obtain a better time estimate.

  • How long will Quartz Kitchen Worktops last?

    Our Fugenstone Quartz Kitchen Worktops are incredibly resilient against impact, scratches, and heat. You can expect our quartz-made worktops to retain their finish and shine with proper maintenance for several decades.

    Alternatively, our sustainable quartz kitchen worktops also offer a similar lifespan, albeit in various attractive colors like Arabesque, Pietra Grey, Carrara Quartz, etc.

  • How are Marble Countertops and Quartz Kitchen Worktops different?

    Marble countertops are forged from rocks and are comparatively difficult to shape. Furthermore, they're prone to staining and heat damage, whereas quartz kitchen worktops are manufactured using minerals, crystalline silica, etc.

    Thus, in terms of durability and dependability, Quartz Kitchen Worktops are relatively better. They’re impact-resistant and near impervious to scratches, discoloration, and heating.

  • Will my Sink & Stove fit with the Quartz Worktops?

    For standard Kitchen countertops, our templates offer ideal dimensions for the sink and stove to fit into our manufactured Quartz worktops.

    Yet, suppose you have a custom kitchen countertop. In that case, our professionals will require up to three days to correctly deliver our manufactured Quartz worktops that fit according to your stove and sink sizes.

  • Which colors are available in Quartz Worktops?

    We offer numerous color options for our Quartz Worktops that you can choose from based on the tones you prefer. Our wide range of manufactured Quartz Worktops can harmonize your rooms' elements or make them appear extra spacious.

    For stark white color requirements, you can choose our White Mirror, Bianco Eclipsia, or Superior Calacatta. Alternatively, for richer textures in darker shades, getting either Black Shimmer or Eternal will be perfect.