Quartz Worktop Colour

Give a unique style to your interior with highly luxurious kitchen splashback. Moreover, they are a highly economical choice as compared to other things available in the market to protect your kitchen walls. Each piece of stone splashbacks for kitchens is truly individual and ensures to be a durable and robust presence in the kitchen.

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Fascinating Features of our Quality Quartz

Calacutta Quartz

When it comes to the utility of any product you first glance through it's promising attributes. Our thoughtful process of production makes sure that you never regret your decision if you choose us. Here are a few prominent points:

  • Size- This sophisticated colour comes in two sizes keeping in mind the ideal thickness, length and width of the same. 1. 3200×1600×30 mm and 2. 3200×1600×20 mm
  • Stain Proof- When it comes to light colours one is always worried about stains, and in a place like kitchen that's full of threats like spices, coffee and wine, you wouldn't want it turn yellow and brown in no time. Our Quartz are extremely easy to clean. Just swipe across a clean damp cloth and it'll look as good as new for years to come.
  • Heat resistant- Especially for countertops which are in close proximity to heat and flame, this feature is inevitable. So be it stove, induction or a piece of burning coal that accidently fell on the countertop. It's safe from all such things.
  • Impact Resistant- Our firm works meticulously for uncompromised quality of Quartz. They are strong and sturdy and capable of enduring any unforeseen impacts.

Captivating Carrara Quartz

  • These luxury Italian quartz are heat resistant which make it an apt choice for your kitchen worktops. And wouldn't it be wonderful if your breakfast countertops too had this quality? Make and serve steaming hot delicious meals without worrying about where to place them to avoid burns.
  • When it comes to maintaining stain-free white slabs, you don't need any special cleaning solution. These quartz are stain-resistant. You simply have to swipe across a damp sponge and leave it to air-dry.
  • You get two size choices for the optimum length, breadth and width of the slabs keeping in mind the utilitarian aspect. 1) 3200×1600×30mm 2) 3200×1600×20mm
  • Our quartz slabs are strong and sturdy. Our workmen work tirelessly to produce impact resistant quality quartz.
  • Smooth quartz are non-porous so it's easy to clean and hygienic.

Gorgeous Grey Quartz

The gracious grey quartz with flecks of silver mirror gives your place a gentle yet glamorous look. These quartz slabs come in polished finish and has an ultra-smooth surface. Did you know that grey symbolises balance? If you wish to get a blend of classic old and trendy conventional look, then this shade might do the work for you. Wondering what it's like? Check-out these amazing features that'll make you feel just right about this product.

  • Size: The quartz slabs come in two sizes in accordance with the ideal length, breadth and width. i) 3200×1600×30 mm ii) 3200×1600×20 mm
  • Non-porous: The non-porous texture of this slab makes it extremely easy to clean. You won't need any special cleaners or any specific cloth material to wipe the worktops. A gentle swipe with a damp sponge or cloth is good enough. Leave it to air-dry and it'll regain its original shine.
  • Impact-resistant: Our quality quartz are made in the best quality without any compromises. No chipping, no cracks. These are strong and sturdy.
  • Heat-resistant: Isn't that a prerequisite for a place like kitchen? And you won't be serving cold food on the breakfast counter, will you? These slabs are the safest to use keeping those aspects in mind. Be it a stove, a hotplate or maybe just a piece of hot coal that fell off, you won't have to worry about it.

Wonderful White Shimmer Quartz

Graceful white quartz slabs with the right amount of glitter to give your home an exceptionally modern look. You might also come across them as Stardust white quartz. These quartz slabs feature a snowy white background with some silver mirror glitter sprinkled throughout. The fine glitter specks add lustre to the polished surface.

  • What's your first concern when it comes to purchasing something in white? It'll get stained too soon. But when it comes to our quality quartz you need not worry about that. Be it spices, curries, wine or coffee, this product is stain-proof.
  • The non-porous surface makes it easier to maintain. The smooth slabs are super easy to clean. No need for special cleaners. Just swipe through with a sponge and leave it to air-dry. This makes them look spotless and lustrous for years to come.
  • These quartz worktops come in two sizes keeping in consideration the standard length, breadth and width. i) 3200× 1600× 30mm ii) 3200× 1600× 20mm
  • When it comes to kitchen worktops and breakfast countertops one of the prerequisites is heat resistance. You can be carefree while placing freshly cooked hot meals on them.
  • These natural slabs are impact resistant. This quality makes them enduring and durable.

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Fascinating Features of our Stone Kitchen Worktops

  • Multifunctional Quartz Worktops: These natural beauties can be used for your kitchen worktops, breakfast countertops or Waterfall Island. They can also be used for either residential or commercial properties.
  • Stain-resistant: The quartz slabs at our place are non-porous. This gives it a smooth finish. The cleaning is also hassle-free. No specific cloth or cleaners needed. Just swipe across the slab with a damp sponge or cloth and leave it to air-dry. You needn't worry about stains and rather enjoy the process of cooking and eating.
  • Impact-resistant: Our product is manufactured under expert supervision by workmen who strive for exceptional quality. The natural stone worktops are extremely strong and sturdy. This makes it withstand harsh impacts on it.
  • Heat-resistant: We understand that a product must serve utility in accordance to the demands of the situation and place. When you use our stone slabs as worktops, placing the hotplate, burners and built-in hobs, and use it as breakfast countertops, it ought to endure high temperatures. When it comes to our quartz slabs, we can guarantee that it can withstand the same.
  • Diverse designs and colours: These lustrous natural stone slabs come in plentiful varieties with different textures ranging from light veins to prominent ones, speckles of silver mirror and many more. You'll be amazed at the options present in white, black, grey and cream.
  • We pride ourselves on having a reputation for uncompromised standards in the market. You get exclusive quartz worktops at very reasonable rates. Come visit us and give your kitchen the look that suits your personality.

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We pride ourselves on being one of the leading sellers of Quartz Worktops in the market. Our worktops are versatile, varied, utilitarian and durable. Now with the booming sales and demand of these quartz slabs, we'd like you to benefit from your purchases with us. The good news for you is that due to the thriving sales, you get the worktops at very affordable rates. Despite the most competitive prices that we offer, our principles in regard to quality remain unchanged. This means that you receive a high grade classy worktop at a very pocket friendly cost.

Why should I go for this material?

It is a timeless beauty that comes in a variety of textures, colours and designs. When it comes to maintenance, quartz is the best alternative to granite and marble. This is due to its non-porous surface. That is a quality that wouldn't need you to do sealing the way you'd have to do in the other two materials. It's surfaces are engineered and look incredibly attractive. These stones are heat resistant, which makes it ideal to use as a kitchen worktop or breakfast countertop. It can be used as a waterfall island and even as a backsplash. It is stain-proof. This makes it convenient to cook and serve on them since you wouldn't have to worry about harsh stains. They are scratch resistant and impact resistant as well. The quartz slabs quality is uncompromised. Years of expertise and skilled workers contribute in providing the most promising quality of strong quartz slabs.They are also readily available in two standard sizes.

What options do I get to choose from?

Apart from it being functional and sensible, it looks classy. As the quartz slabs have engineered surfaces you get a gigantic variety of colours and designs to select from. This includes slabs that replicate natural stones like marble and granite.There are numerous slabs with delicate veining, silver mirror speckles and more.Words aren't enough. And so you must visit us and give us an opportunity to serve and guide you.

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