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Longevity of Your Worktops

Desired for their durability, stone worktops are a preferred choice for majority of homeowners these days. Be it engineered or natural stone, these surfaces will bring immediate interest and intrigue to any interior scheme. But spaces are for living and therefore must withstand everyday use. Knowing how to care for your worktops correctly is key to ensuring your space feels clean and fresh for decades to come.

Whilst stone surfaces are more durable and easier to maintain than most other materials, caring for these will help to ensure optimal condition for a longer period of time. Engineered stone surfaces tend to withstand stains and chips a little more than natural stone but finish of the chosen surface will also have an impact. Polished surfaces are less porous and therefore will be less susceptible for staining; whilst matte or honed might need a little more attention on a daily basis. Cleaning methods can also have an impact on performance – not rinsing out cleaning product properly will result in formation of an invisible layer, which will absorb stains and marks. Using sharp scourer scrubs can easily have the reverse effect to what is desired – instead of lifting a light stain, these can scratch the surface and therefore rub it into it permanently.

Looking after
Quartz worktops

Our engineered surfaces require minimal effort to keep clean and looking like new if treated properly. For general cleaning we recommend hot soapy water, followed by rinsing off with warm water and drying with a soft cloth. Non- polished finishes do require extra maintenance as these are more sensitive to grease and finger marks. We recommend cleaning worktops soon after use as stubborn marks or stains that have been left on the surface for longer than an hour might require the use of mild detergent and a non abrasive sponge or pad. Barkeepers Friend, The Pink Stuff cream or paste are safe to use in small quantities and with a soft sponge. 

Any strong acidic or alkali type cleaning products (for example oven cleaning products) can cause severe damage to your quartz worktops. We recommend rinsing these off immediately with warm water to minimise any damage.

Although our quartz surfaces are heat resistant we do not recommend placing hot objects directly on to your surfaces as it could cause thermal shock which then results in cracking. We recommend either using a chopping board to place any hot objects on or a trivet.

We do not recommend cutting straight on to the surface or purposely applying downward force from any metallic or sharp object on to the worktop itself as these could leave a permanent mark on the surface.

To help our customers, we have compiled a comprehensive care & maintenance guide that can be downloaded below. This document will provide you with practical tips and methods on how to daily maintain your quartz worktops. Whilst you will also find specific instructions for various issues caused by incorrect usage, we recommend you reaching out to our customer service team to consult with our technical team. 

Our 15-Year Warranty

Our engineered quartz worktops come with a 15-year warranty, ensuring your investment is protected. In case any visible defects on the surface of the stone are spotted, we need to be contacted via our customer service department immediately. Should a replacement of material be required, we will issue material to your fabricator free of charge and cover the costs associated to deliveries. 

Our quartz worktops are both scratch and heat resistant but not scratch and heat-proof. We are unable to assist with any markings associated with cutting straight on the surface or placing hot pots and pans straight onto surface without trivets. 

To register your warranty please contact us with your project address, name of the product and stone fabricator’s business name and we will issue your proof of Warranty.  

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